Ramblings #0692

5.37am – Gosh… did I doze off again?…

6.11am – I glanced at her, tossing and turning, her legs kicking at me, all the while with her eyes closed. This, is exactly the same as what I had imagined, while she’s still in my womb. So funny…

8.03am – Diarrhoea. Something to be expected after a bad gastric episode last night. Though I still have no idea why it happened, I guess I better start taking care of it before it’s too late.

9.58am – *Phew* Finally had a chance to breathe right after I stepped into the office. Almost 10am already.

10.21am – Just donated a hundred bucks to the parents of a 3.5 months old baby girl, who needed it for an operation. Though the amount donated is nowhere close to what is needed, I hope it helps in one way or another. As a parent myself, I can roughly understand how it feels to have your child in such situation. And there’s nothing much a stranger can do except to pray and donate a token.

But hmm… why? Why does the medical bill cost so much? Questions arise in the discussion between me and a friend as we wonder about the high medical cost in Singapore. Sadly, we seriously wonder why such high cost is needed to save one’s life. Equipment? People? Medicine?

I guess, as the pawns of the high and rich, it’s beyond our power to change anything. But for now, let’s try and change some people’s life: Save Neira

2.14pm – Wow. Didn’t realize that it’s already pass 2pm.

3.43pm – The mood seems LOW today…

3.59pm – Just heard a news that another person from the IA is leaving. Sigh… I thought I might have other chance to work with him overseas again. He’s quite a nice guy. But seems like he had given this a thought for quite a while from the last chat that I had with him. Of course, who wouldn’t leave a company that takes audit as a joke to an extent. I would, if I have a choice. Covering up? That’s the last thing one should ever do, when related to audit. Craps.

Indeed. Today is not a very good day.

5.22pm – The day is ending! And the lil’ hub is coming to fetch! SO NICE!

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