Somehow the craving was already there before I reached. And as I walked into the foodcourt, it caught my attention being at the first stall. I knew immediately what I wanted to eat.

Seriously, it’s quite fattening – Kimchi noodles, i.e. kimchi + instant noodles. But I simply needed something savoury and spicy. So without hesitation, after finding a seat, I headed to the stall. It was managed by 2 Chinese and the lady was quite friendly. After waiting for a while, mine was done.

First look. Doesn’t look really that appetizing. Of course, how many can cook kimchi noodles such as those that I like. Soft and bouncy… Anyway, first taste. Well, it’s spicy enough, but definitely not one of the nicest that I’d tasted. The noodles seem a little stiff still. My colleague who had Korean food too, wasn’t really impressed with their set either. SO I guess, this stall is out forever for the both of us.

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