Ramblings #0697

6.46am – I watched the skies brighten. A brand new day is going to start. I’m awake, not because I’ve had enough sleep, but because there’s too many things in my head such that I couldn’t sleep. Just a while more, and I’ll try to sleep again.

7.27am – A while more… never comes…

2.34pm – I saw him coming out at a high speed. So sudden there was hardly any time to warn my dad. Dad manage to hit the brake, just in time. He was probably an inch away. And luckily the force didn’t hurt any of us too.

We were on our way back home in my dad’s car. Thankfully, he tends to drive at a slower speed along the carpark route that leads to our block, as my mum had always warned him about scenarios where children dash out from nowhere. True indeed. Behind a parked lorry, suddenly came a Malay boy, cycling in his bicycle with speed probably faster than my dad’s. My dad saw it, and stepped on the brake, hard. That child tried to stop too. His friend was following behind. Had my dad drove just a bit faster, he would have been hit.

That’s the problem when you had your children roamed around in the streets. Not that you are being restrictive. But till they can take care of themselves and be responsible, I think parents ought to control them a little to prevent from losing them. Don’t regret before it’s too late.

3.42pm – The rubber mats were colourful. I asked my nephew which is the red one. He pointed the blue, then the green, then the blue again. Then suddenly, little milkie crawled from behind me, and onto the mats, and then pointed at the red one and said “this one” and crawled away, continuing playing her own things. Her face filled with the “duh” look. Goodness… should I be happy that she can identify the red colour at a younger age than my nephew, or should I spend some effort trying to control her confident level. After all, one shouldn’t be too proud and confident. Humble must be available. Hmm… Recalling her birth character which is a combination of lil’ hub and me – smart with brains but no humbleness. *facepalm*

4.50pm – My mum, is a scary mum, who is so extremely observant such that if you have any weird and spaced-out behaviour (basically not the norm), she will start to come up with her own deductions, and generally, correct ones. Indeed, it’s a great loss that she’s not a detective. I think she’ll be a good one. *LOL*

6.13pm – The pain near the ankle is so obvious such that it can’t be ignored. Did I accidentally sprain my leg while carrying little milkie? Ouch.

10.45pm – OUCH!! I yelled out loud when she dropped the DVD case onto my foot. The pointed side hit right into it that makes it even more painful. What’s the problem today?

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