Ramblings #0698

8.50am – The lil’ hub is out for work again. Hmm… Truly, it’s an experience for him. Well, let’s see how long he can take it… Good morning. It’s a Sunday morning and I definitely had a good rest (slept on the bed insteadĀ of mattress).

1.57pm – Lunch wasn’t available as the dad had rushed out to work, and we are all lazy to go down and buy. So I’m now munching away the finally cooked corn kernels mixed with margarine and cheese. Will be warming up the mushroom soup once it’s thawed. The mum is packing up and nagging away as usual, commenting on my amount of rubbish. The sis seems to be wasting her time away. Little milkie is finally asleep after being cranky for hours (she’s having flu so probably that’s the reason why). I’m filling up my stomach and despite the strain both mentally and physically, am trying to keep up with what I want to do – write. And it definitely didn’t help with the internet going up and down since last night (stupid SingTel!).

Then, I’d also came to a conclusion. It’s best not to have a second baby if (1) the lil’ hub is still in this job of his or (2) little milkie still couldn’t express herself well enough yet. Ah… what a headache.

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