Though the lil’ hub wasn’t around for most of the time due to his work over this weekend, I decided to cast away my work and try to spend a little more time playing with the baby, my little milkie, who seems to have already grown so big.


It definitely was a nice and fruitful weekend, with me guiding and training her on her walking. And indeed, she improved a lot over these 2 days. So I guess, time is really well spent. But that’s not just all.

We went to the supermarket on the Saturday and introduced the fruits to her again. And then there’s the house playing while she’s poo-ing. Photo-shooting and posing. Dolling up. Saving into the piggy banks. Block building. Eating (of course), singing and reciting of alphabets, numbers and notes, and what not.

It was fun (and tiring), and I know she’s enjoying it too. So for the good of her development, I guess I’ll probably try to do that at least one of the weekend. That’s some of the things that parents have to sacrifice. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a baby if you ignore her.

Okay… I need to go back to her. She’s STILL awake, you know… Sigh…

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