Ramblings #0699

10.02am – Busy… Arms aching… Tired…

10.23am – Looks like I’m on my own today. My two lunch kakis are out today. One on MC and the other is having eyes infection due to an extension of the eyelashes. Well, I’ll probably just go and run some errands then, IF it’s not raining. The news had reported that Singapore will be both HOT and VERY WET for the next 100 years. Sigh… everything’s going crazy… WHERE’S MY SUNNY ISLAND?!!

10.48am – Ah… just watched a very emotional video clip on Youtube, on this daddy’s confession to his down syndrome girl. So touching… *sob*

2.30pm – Almost want to puke after taking the bus ride back to office. Shouldn’t have looked at the handphone which makes it worse. Sigh… left only 30 minutes more to do my own things. Better try and clear it up.

3.33pm – Okay done! Left one more thing to achieve and I’ll start planning for the new financial year to come!

6.15pm – KNOCK OFF!

6.42pm – Achievement! I walked back home from office! Heehee… Getting too fat.

11.12pm – It can be an early and goodnight sleep but the lil’ hub isn’t back home yet. Worse still, no call nor message on the time he’s going back. Didn’t he know my pattern? Just SMS me… it’s not expensive…

11.43pm – He’s finally home and now am waiting for him to call again ^^. *Yawn*. So sleepy. So tempted to sleep. Seriously, not a lot of chance for me to sleep this early…

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