Ramblings #0701

1.38am – After an hour or so of discussion with the lil’ hub over which childcare to enrol for little milkie, I’m still clueless, though slightly better than before. I think I’ll try and get more information in the morning… I need some sleep now.

5.20am – *Eyes closed* Who’s that touching my back? *Turns over from the side and saw a sleepy little milkie crawling towards me and the next, drops and sleeps on my tummy* =.=”’ *Moves her back to her area, but slightly nearer to me*

6.06am – *Woke up from a shock and found little milkie on my tummy again* Gosh… when did I become a pillow? So cute…

7.18am – “Mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy…” That’s the sound of my alarm clock these days… *Yawn* Good morning…

9.48am – I can barely open my eyes. The late night talk started a little too late, and a little too long… *Yawn* Hope today will be easy.

10.01am – Never ever engage in a debate on heavy topics with your friends when you are lack of sleep.

3.53pm – OKAY! Called the principal of the childcare centre. Now, I just need to get ready the cheque so that I can make the deposit and payment for registration tomorrow and it’ll be ALL SET!

5.54pm – Let’s pack up and go!

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