Ramblings #0702

6.55am – It’s interesting to watch how the kids react to each of their parents. If it would have been me, she probably would already have tossed and turned over and snuggled beside me. Or took of her socks and passed it to me. Yet when it’s her dad sleeping beside her, all she did was to sleep at a corner, staring at him. From where I am (on the bed), she seems to be thinking… “Where is mummy? And how come daddy got so many sounds coming out?” That’s snoring, my dear… Lol. Anyway, it was after quite a while later that she finally decided to tap on her dad and called him. Her dad responded and patted her back to sleep, and he slept before she did. There she lied, staring at him, then into the air. What can I say, I’ll be like… DUH. Good morning, peeps!

8.23am – I’m early!

10.02am – Just finished writing another lengthy reply. All these people are really wasting my time. WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?!!! Goodness. Things that are not urgent, you make it sound like someone is dying. Things that you are in the wrong, you point your fingers at others first. Goodness. Goodness… *facepalm* Another 20 minutes wasted because of you.

3.03pm – Stop giving me problems.

3.24pm – Let’s hope everything runs smoothly so that I can send the report out today. No more disturbance please…

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