It would be totally insane to miss the chance of catching a movie when you are already out and the parents are back home helping you to look after the baby. Oh my, thank God, I’m really so fortunate that my baby is definitely in good hands. *LMAO*


Great, so let’s continue to make this night a little even better by writing and sharing out my thoughts and reviews on this movie – Runner Runner, starring Ben Affeck (Ivan Block) and Justin Timberlake (Richie Furst), whom the lil’ hub thought is cute. Well, he’s not really my type but anyhows. This movie is about online gambling and it definitely reminded me of my past experience working in this industry. Though not as dark, and definitely not even a bit, it sure resembles something of the things that I got to know – the House always wins.

So this movie started off showing Richie as a student in a University. And in order to pay off for his school fees for his Masters, he became an Affiliate of this online gambling site, Midnight Black, which was run by Ivan Block. But because of this, an incident was brought to attention to the Dean when one of his schoolmates got addicted to gambling and thus Richie was banned from continuing his site. Without this income, he won’t be able to graduate, and so he took out all his money and gambled on Midnight Black’s site. In the end, he lost it all… but then… he found out that they actually cheated, and so he decided to look for Ivan Block at Costa Rica, who actually offered him a job! Of course, things weren’t as simple as it seems… and that’s where the action comes after that…

A story about how people are so uncontented with their current situation and wants more – GREEDY, in short.

The storyline is definitely more interesting than lots. Online gambling instead of just purely Casino. And that the idea is somewhat fresher than the others (not that it wasn’t used entirely before or there’s no similarities). But it wasn’t really that exciting as what I had expected. And especially towards the end where Richie was trying to get out of the whole situation, it seems to be taken off in quite a fast pace, so much so that it just suddenly feels like oh-oh that’s it? It’s really that easy?

Hmm… really, I’m not too sure. Why would someone like Ivan Block missed out all those?

That to say, if there’s not much other movies on the screen (which seems like the case), it’s still bearable to watch it.


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