Ramblings #0705

8.03am – It’s not a norm for me to reach the office so early but the lil’ hub’s offer to send me to work is simply too tempting. I, would rather wake up earlier and take his car, than to squeeze with the people on the buses. Yes, thanks to the increasing population. And thanks to that, the prices of housing and cars have also increased. So is the competition for everything. Sigh… never mind. Don’t really want to spoil my day by talking about such sad things early in the morning. No point worrying if it’s not going to change anything. Bleh. I hate Monday.

10.00am – Sigh… another case of people not reading carefully and making mistakes. Damn. I really hated my job.

10.31am – Sometimes, I really hate talking to some of my friends. Their comments are so straight and useless, and totally not compassionate at all, so much so that it’s like talking to a wall. I also know what I should and need to do, but I couldn’t! Sigh. I think I shouldn’t talk to you for the time being. The last few times that I talked to you doesn’t end up that good anyway… let’s try and work.

10.42am – Today’s mood doesn’t seem all that good. And with the computer going a little nuts… it’s simply just… SIGH…

11.30am – The mood’s really bad, probably due to the imbalance of work and life. And of course the stress that’s accumulating secretly from nowhere. With a mum that’s more than a little naggy, and thinks that I’m not helping to look after the baby at all, and a hub who thinks I’m a superwoman, I’m constantly stuck in a position where they think I’m either not doing things right or anything at all. Sucks to be deemed in that position when you hardly have time for yourself. I wonder why…

Can’t take on a break either when the parents hadn’t took one too, for ages. Probably I should just grab the baby back home everyday. Saves me the problem of occupying my mum even for the night. And then the lil’ hub from accusing me of not wanting to go back. I think… I should really plan for that…

2.25pm – Guess I’ll have a break today and jog tomorrow. A friend is coming over at night anyway. I think I’ll just walk home instead, and am leaving on the DOT! ^^

4.21pm – Hooray! Got 30 minutes of ME-time!

4.33pm – Talking to some of the people here can really make you puke blood. Sometimes it makes me wonder if my English is really so terrible such that they don’t understanding, or that their understanding level is so poor that they don’t know what I’m saying.

5.29pm – Packing up and go! If it’s not raining, I’ll walk back. Really need to slim down!!

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