Ramblings #0706

3.45am – “Neh neh. Neh neh. Neh neh… (milk)”. The sweet voice rambled on… with her eyes closed… as she tossed and turned around.

“It’s not time for neh neh. Tu tu (pacifier) ok? In the morning then we drink neh neh.”, I said as I frantically searched for her glow in the dark pacifier while the rambled became “tu tu. tu tu. tu tu…”. And I’m glad I bought this last time. With my short-sightedness and the lack of light, this definitely helped me a lot.

8.00am – I waited for her to wake up. After all, I did promise to give her the milk in the morning. And apparently, she remembers for the moment she woke up, with her eyes still half closed, she said “neh neh” to me. *LOL*

9.12am – Another day. Good morning.

10.00am – Time to start work!!! *BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!*

10.22am – There we go again…

1.11pm – Wooo… I really LOVE the IMPORT button… *LOL* Saves me lots of time! 2 oooooold blogs imported!! Just need a little time to tidy up a bit more! NICE!

3.56pm – So sleepy till my eyes could hardly open and yet a colleague of mine still discussed with me on some implementation when it’s so obvious that I’m not concentrating much. Thus, in order to brighten up the day a little, let’s eat a small cupcake! YUMMY!

4.00pm – Okay. I think the cupcake that I made tasted better than the one that I just ate.

4.18pm – Ooooooooooooh… Crepe cakes no need oven… *GRIN BIG BIG*

4.38pm – I’m so sleepy till I really feel like going home right now. I think I should stop doing work and just stone. Nothing’s going inside my brain. And I fear I might make some mistakes if I continue doing what I’m doing now. Okay, think that’s it. Let’s just wait for the time to pass.

5.27pm – Pack. Pack. PACK!!

7.13pm – My mum just told me an incident where a friend of my cousin was at his gym in his condominium (quite expensive kind), and then he saw a Chinese lady bringing 2 exercise balls out of the gym. So he kindly told her that these equipments are not to be brought out of the gym. But guess how that lady replied?

“Do you know how rich I am in China???”… and walks away…

Great. Put the balls down and go back to China then. Or do you have issues reading and following the rules and regulations. If that’s the case and you HAVE the money, I would suggest that you go and take up some English course. If you have issues following rules, then please go and discipline yourself first back in China before coming over to Singapore because you are definitely damaging your countryman’s image. And so what if you have the money? Get your own balls then.

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