10.25am – A heavy morning on heavy topics, with me starting off on an update with ah girl on my current status – the surrounded by “Managers” status back at home. Indeed, I am surrounded. My mum, the lil’ hub as well as little milkie. And the “Connector” me tries to make sure that everyone is satisfied and happy, and go their way instead of mine totally. But really, at times it simply gets too tiring and a little stressful for me.

Anyway, back at work, the admin made us a sandwich this morning, which is definitely very nice of her. But… erm… wasn’t really my kind of breakfast with ham, sausage, tomato and vegetables. Nonetheless, still appreciate her sweetness! ^^


After that, for some reasons, my colleague and I started chatting on the property topics. Apparently, it really seems like we made a not so right choice previously by getting a 4 room HDB flat. But who could have blamed us for that when we weren’t earning a lot at that time. And who would have expected the property market to shoot up to such crazy prices in such a short time. Blame it again on the 6.9 million plan, which I think they should have brought it up a long time ago and not now, when the bulk of the damage is already done.

Well, that’s not all. I heard another news, a rather big one right after that. It seems like a guy had gone MIA a little after suffering from some kind of depression because he don’t have a lot of friends, and when he sees that the turnover rate in our department is relatively high, the morale was a bit low. What’s more, the guy that he likes will be quitting soon. Yes, I never write wrongly. And you didn’t read it wrongly. He’s just sad.

Then then next, of course, will definitely lead to our dear boss(es). Sigh. Though things have improved due to the intervention of the HR. Again, damages are already done. See, IF the upper management, be it at a company level, country level or even just at home, never does things properly, damages that cannot be healed can cause permanent hurt! Sigh sigh sigh. Anyway, seems like the HR wanted to blacklist his EP. But hopefully they can soften this issue.

Lastly, it’s this friend of mine who had this 5.5 sense, as what she called. Apparently there’s another vision again. This time, in a pool of fire and people running away from it. Honestly, if you were to ask me, I think she really have some kind of affinity with those things but I hope she won’t embrace them. It’s not easy for one to accept it.

So after all the chit-chatting early in the morning… seems like I should really start working. It’s way too late. Good morning! It’s MID WEEK, and I really feel like achieving something!

11.19am – WORK DONE! That’s fast! Hmm… didn’t expect that to happen but hey… what’s going on at my neighbour’s…?

11.46am – Just a word of advice. Stay away from friends who don’t trust you, and worse still, damages your reputation. Stay FAR FAR away…

2.16pm – I shouldn’t have ate the curry chicken. Now I feel like puking. Urgh.

3.22pm – Finally can take a break. Urgh. Still don’t feel good. I wonder if it’s the sandwich early in the morning (due to the ham), and the curry chicken making it worse after that.

3.47pm – Back at home. Got the lil’ hub to come and fetch me after feeling nauseous for more than half of the day ever since after the sandwich. Urgh… I wonder what’s wrong… Am I allergic to ham?

5.47pm – There’s no doubt about it. Little milkie is mine!! ^^


10.31pm – WOOHOO! 134 pieces of apparels as of now! Cool! So excited for this Saturday’s flea market! Take note!! MARK DOWN IN YOUR CALENDAR!

11.52pm – We are, indeed, the UNIQUELY Sillypore. From giving some stupid excuses and replies when a 9 month old baby was scalded on a second degree burnt in the childcare, till having to pay an additional of $15 to ensure that you won’t get a wrong baby after you deliver. What is the world coming to?! I guess the next thing to come, you probably need to pay an extra $1 for food so that you won’t get food poisoning. WTH.

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