Ramblings #0708

5.59am – The line was crossed and I got kicked again -.-”’

6.38am – I sat stoning. Am in a dilemma between trying to get back to sleep (which I’ve been trying since the past 30 minutes) or wake up and start re-planning on the things that’s in my head.

6.47am – I give up.
6.55am – Hair in a mess. Irritated because I’m still so sleepy but yet can’t sleep. Urgh.

11.00am – Changed my plan on a last minute decision after having some small discussion on a new idea. Life’s still good despite the sleepiness.

2.27pm – It’s going to rain HUGE. I hope it will stop by the time I go back home. Urgh. Time’s passing slowly… And the cushion and the back support that’s on my chair seem to be fighting for space with my now bigger than previous butt… =.=”’

3.44pm – Just received the score for my Cobit 5 exams. It’s not too bad. At least not a borderline pass. *LOL* 38 out of 50.

5.19pm – 10 more minutes and I’m shutting my pc down! Lil’ hub’s coming to pick me up! ^^

11.09pm – It sure is one of the rare times where I can be typing away at such hour, and playing with my own shadow. Am in the dark facing my nettie and thus switched on the torchlight in my handphone so that it’s not so glaring. Maybe I should consider getting a small table light? Nah… I can already imagine 3 votes against it. (Mum – You’ve already got a lot of things. Sis – Stop messing up the place. Lil’ hub – Just switch on the lights.) *LOL*

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