8.27am – Early in the morning and my blood pressure shot up after seeing a dog dashing towards me, and (thankfully) passed me… but still… O.O”’

9.49am – How one loves pouring out her woes to a close friend… but the mood’s a little bad. Not that good for a Friday morning. But at least, it’s Friday already…

10.44am – OMG. And I haven’t started working…

11.25am – Feeling slightly better now. It’s definitely always a good idea to chat around with different mummies as you get to know what their children are doing at times. And you never know that they could already have information that you’ve been searching for, for a loooooong time. Hmm… looks like the bulk of my salary will be spent on little milkie soon but it’s OKAY!

2.00pm – HOLY CRAP! It’s 2pm and I haven’t done any work yet! I think I really better start doing it now. Else, it’s going to accumulate again!

5.00pm – Gosh. I really never do anything today. Just got dragged by my boss to go to the new building and that’s it. But it’s really quite a nice place and I’m looking forward to it! Found my good direction too!


5.28pm – It’s almost time to knock off. Ready to go back? Yes!! But it’s going to be a hectic week, with the flea market on Saturday at Lucky Plaza, and then running of errands on Sunday. Oh yes! Wondering if can make a trip down to do the spectacles later on. Shall try and psycho my mum!

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