Ramblings #0710

What’s WRONG with the people?!!! So is it going to be my fault, AGAIN? WTH.

Earlier on, before leaving the house, I did already ask who will be the one driving. And both the lil’ hub and my sister had said “anything”. Fine, I hated that answer but still, I don’t really want to persist on questioning. So in the end, the lil’ hub drove. Okay, great.

After doing some slight checking, he parked at Tampines One but apparently, the parking rates doesn’t seem that cheap. So we said let’s probably change the parking if we intended to stay longer. And then that’s what happened:

Lil’ hub: Hey, Century Square seems a lot cheaper, why don’t we move it there?
Me: Okay.
Lil’ hub: Come, let’s go.
Me: But I need to go transfer some money now to a person.
Lil’ hub: For who and what? Why so urgent?
Me: It’s a sale, and overseas one. Transferred money then they’ll help to order. For Christmas presents.
Sis: You can’t go alone is it?
Lil’ hub: Okay lor. *and stomps off*
Me: I think I better go with him *passes ATM card to my sis*

So there I went, chasing after him, and caught him losing his way. I called him, feeling a little frustrated as he could have just waited for me instead of just stomping off. But fine.

Lil’ hub: Luckily you came or otherwise I’m just going to drive off if I get my car.
Me: *WTF*
Lil’ hub: Next time I’m not going to drive. Nobody cares about how much the car park rates are. *continues to rant on…*
Me: Just now I did ask but you said anything.
Lil’ hub: Yes, but next time I’m not going to drive anymore.
Me: Okay. Fine.

You know. All these wouldn’t have happened if I had my own car and I’m the one driving. And does he really needs my attention so much? If yes, couldn’t he just wait a little while more? Sigh. My fault and my fault again. God, can you please explain to me, why is it my fault?

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