Ramblings #0711

4.04am – The sudden sobs that turns into wails woke me up. How nice to be woken up in the middle of the nights on both weekends nights. One by the little one who seems to having some stomach upset and thus making a fuss. The other one by my dear daddy who got locked in the room with my mum…

3.32pm – Problems choosing your maid? No problem, here’s Auntie Stella helping you to see which one is better based on their estimated birth character. *LOL* This colleague of mine is really so so so funny… choose maid also want to see their character. Duh.

9.15pm – My daughter deliberately threw the handkerchief on the floor. And when I picked it up, she snatched away from me and threw it on the floor again. I scolded her and she wanted to hit me back with her hand. I hit her hand and scolded her again. She cried. I continued to scold. I’m not letting such behaviour continues. Sorry, you hit me when I’m in a bad mood.

10.53pm – Chatting with a long time buddy from University. He just quitted his job and joined the property cum insurance gang. Well, good for him to start something new but as I’d knew him for such a long time, it seems very unlikely of him to go into such career path, and so I looked at his bazi. Indeed, he wasn’t really that suitable. But that to say, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible, just maybe, MORE difficult, but still can be done. Anyway, will try and catch up with him next week, especially on the news of his little one! I bet he’s so extremely ecstatic!

11.51pm – Hmm… maybe I should really switch job and become a metaphysics analyst. *LOL*

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