Ages & Stages – Paying for the Children

My baby is still very young. 15 months old to be exact. It probably isn’t something that I need and should worry about at this moment, but I did. I gave it a thorough thought especially after a long lunch chat with one of the colleagues.

I grew up in a middle income family. My dad is the sole breadwinner and my mum is a housewife, looking after my sister and I, and tending to all the household chores. My dad don’t earn a lot but it’s definitely enough to let us have a relatively comfortable life, living in a 4 room HDB flat, going around places in a car/van (my dad’s a sales person) and having short trips to Malaysia (Genting) once a year. So at the point when it’s time to start my University, it all seems natural that I should handle the tuition fees myself. We are thankful, and I’m thankful enough for what my parents had already gave.

But a chat with that colleague of mine doesn’t seem the case. She resented her parents (especially her dad) for not paying her school fees for her degree, and therefore she had to work and study part time at the same time. And because of that, she swear that she won’t let that happen to her children so that they won’t resent her.

What would you do? Pay everything for your children so that they won’t have to suffer nor take the longer route? Or get them to pay on their own, after all, it’s their own future?

From my experience, there seem to be a higher percentage of children that came from a wealthier family where the parents paid for their tuition fees and didn’t appreciate their parents, more than those who needs to pay for it themselves. It starts from young. If you start paying everything and anything for them while they are still young (starts from small little things), they will take things for granted. And one fine day, if you don’t, it will be your fault.

Pay wisely.

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