Ramblings #0713

8.01am – I FOUND MY SPECTACLES! Indeed, it dropped in the lil’ hub’s car. ^^

8.48am – It’s Wednesday! And I sure feel fresher after a not too bad 6 hours of no disturbance sleep on my Serta bed! Oh gosh… you have no idea how much I missed it! Well, I guess it’s a good day to try and get my engine moving after slacking for the past week. So, let’s get CRACKING!!

11.18am – Auditing issues again and… sigh… why does other people’s problem always become my problem eventually? Why?… … … …

11.29am – The sleeping bug is kicking in. Die. =.=”’

1.00pm – Back from lunch! And I found my spectacles! It’s in my lunch bag and I clean forgotten about it! Sigh… Made me search for both of them for the whole of yesterday!

4.50pm – Suddenly recalled on how my baby used me to “Jie4 Dao1 Sha1 Ren2”. I passed her the toy lego “gun” that I made, she “shot” the dad and granny, then passed it back to me, and asked me to keep shooting the both of them… =.=”’ *speechless but funny*

4.59pm – Okay, time to stop work! *LOL*

5.25pm – Got free ride, better start packing. This driver doesn’t wait… Guess who?

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