Thoughts – Baby Going Home

I woke up with a smile on my face. Little milkie’s still sleeping soundly on her mattress. And I’ve got quite a nice sleep too. *Phew* Not bad for a first try!

After a whole week of planning and preparing, we finally brought little milkie back to our own home to sleep. It’s already been how long? 15 months, and this is the first time that she came back to sleep overnight. We were praying so hard (or at least I was) that nothing will go wrong (the last time we tried, at 5 months, she cried so loudly that my MIL chased us back) and that we can successfully go through everything till the morning.

Well, of course, there’s still a lot of things that wasn’t thought through yet, such as the placement of the fan. We had to shift it to the other side so that she won’t get to pull the wire etc. And then the sockets which was covered by the IKEA socket cover eventually. The worse of all was the TV power point which wasn’t used, and that’s protruding out. Had to tentatively use some cover to tape over it, for now. And then there’s the humidifier. I woke up with a very dry throat after a night of air-con. Lastly, pillows around her to block her from rolling onto the floor. There’s probably many more to-note, but for now, its enough to keep the “situation” under contain.

So far so good, I ain’t complaining much. Some of the things still seem so familiar and hasn’t change, e.g. my MIL sitting on the sofa and stoning for a damn long time and the stove is still as dirty as ever.

This is the first time but definitely not the last. Will try to go back on Tuesday and Thursday so that she can get used to it. A tad more tiring compared to when I’m back at my parents’ but I’ll survive. I always do. And I love my little adorable milkie! MUAK!

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