Ramblings #0715

8.53am – Blur me! Didn’t switch on my IM for the whole of yesterday and I didn’t know about it till now when I received an offline message from yesterday! Goodness! What am I doing? Dreaming?? *facepalm* Good morning! TGIF! I LOVE FRIDAYS!

9.48am – YES! ALL DONE! My playlist of 30 KTV songs! ^^

10.03am – Hmm… 2 colleague’s last day today… and I thought I still have the chance to work with one of them for the overseas trip. Who knows he left earlier than I did. OH well, life still goes on.

10.06am – Eyes itching non-stop. And it’s red now. >.<

10.35am – I sat in the cubicle. The tap outside is stuck again, and water flowing continuously. B went out from her cubicle, pressed on the same tap, and walked out of the restroom. Darn. The tap is still stuck. C went out from her cubicle and used another tap. Goodness… why couldn’t someone just go and stop the bloody water from flowing out from the tap?!

11.35am – *Steps into the restroom. Water running from the tap again, and the basin is one third full* What’s wrong with these people?? Can’t people just do a quick check before they leave the restroom? Sigh… and I wonder how much water are wasted because of such reasons.

1.43pm – Weirdos and amazing guys are everywhere. Two-timing, cheating, lying and what not. Some people just have that lousy luck, like those of my dear colleague. One after another. Sigh. Can’t believe this. The list simply goes on…

2.27pm – GOSH. Another one contract ended today? Sigh… the morale is low… looooow… looooooooooooow… *silence*

3.46pm – So many people leaving… Sigh… Maybe I’ll find a day, get some break from work and baby, and catch up with all the things that I want to do. Maybe… I will do just that. Time’s limited.

5.43pm – Sigh… The lil’ hub just gave me 2 options – one, to go back on my own; two, to wait for him but need to help him distribute the flyers. Sigh… I hate the latter, but I dread going back home on my own too. Darn the laziness… Sigh…

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