1.30am – Goodness. It’s already 1.30am after getting the little one to sleep. Too hyper after coming back. Die. I wonder if I can wake up on time tomorrow… >.<

8.03am – AH!!! Apparently I CAN’T!! OVERSLEPT!!!! *in panic mode*

9.44am – Am late for 45 minutes. Sigh. And praying that I never missed out anything, again. But anyway, I’ve got a few good updates and plans. Just need to make sure it will be executed in a seamless way.

Firstly, the Club 21 sale is on from tomorrow onwards!! And I’m so going there! Will be my first time and I’m so excited because I totally have no idea how it would be like!

BUT, here comes my second point. I feel like taking a course which will only be held on every Thursday afternoon. Took the brochure for a long time but never decide. Darn. Yes. I seriously need to check with my boss on how to proceed with this.


And then of course there’s my long awaited honeymoon! Europe! Was considering Contiki on the night before. But after some discussion, we decided to proceed with the normal tour group, to a few places that we want, and that’s it. Seriously, when you are of a certain age, there’s no point going for those backpacking tours unless you really love doing that, right? *LOL*

Lastly, seems like the lil’ hub’s really enjoying his new job. Good and happy for him! Okay, now I’ll need to get back to work. Things are piling up.

11.11am – SIGH big time. Seems like I’ll have to change my plans… the course ain’t available in that school, and not at the moment for the others too… *sulk*

12.43pm – The humans continued on the path of the destroyer and it’s beyond the point of turning back. It’s hopeless, we are hopeless. The minority has lost to the goons and care-less. We are all doom. The future’s gone.

1.54pm – Back at work and let’s PERK UP! There’s always the books and the Internet right?! ^^ Life still goes on and it’s good! *psycho-ing methods*

3.54pm – Change is the only constant. Right. I just applied for my leave tomorrow and my sister called to say we can go down for the Club 21 sale tonight! And I’m supposed to be meeting friends tonight too! >.<”’ *headache*

4.24pm – For some reasons, my respect for the boss seems to have dropped drastically. It wasn’t that bad initially. I thought she manages rather well. But right after she got promoted, things started to change. She can’t seem to handle that much load, and all she cares about is her “face”. Maybe all along, she’s already like that, but just that as time goes by, the character and personality of a person simply pops up. And now, I just can’t seem to appreciate all the other things, if any, that she did.

Look, you don’t and shouldn’t do things at the last minute especially when you ARE the boss. And since you are already at that level, isn’t it alright for you to pay for certain occasion? Or else create a pool of money for celebrations or whatsoever. Otherwise, just let things be! Why make things until so FAKE? *angry*

5.23pm – My building has got the worst lift ever.

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