After 3.5 hours, we are finally done! Yes, I guess that’s how crazy the Club 21 Bazaar is. From now till 27 October, opening at 10am, the yearly Club 21 Bazaar is now on and held at the F1 Pit Building. And there’s discount of certain brands of up to 85%. In case you have no idea what Club 21 is (like me), well, let’s just say it’s a multi-brand store that manages well known brands such as Armani, DKNY, Calvin Klein and lots more (some of which I’ve never even heard or seen before). And today, I guess after all the continuously bad and disappointing things, I manage to come for the preview of this bazaar!

Seriously, it’s an eye opener, even if I were to go back empty handed. The first thought that came into my mind, when I saw the freaking long queues (estimated 2.5 hours from somewhere near the entrance) with people carrying bags and bags of items, was… People are rich!


As the Chinese saying goes, it was “people mountain, people sea” (a lot of people), so much so that we had to squeeze our way through to the different sections of the 3 halls. And you can see people rummaging through the trays and shelves, as if its free.

By the time we were almost done and just waiting for our turn to make the payment, trays and shelves were almost empty, especially for the bags and accessories section. The prices were quite standard though, e.g. for tops, it goes in $30, $50, $80, $100 and beyond. And some of the shoes (which I didn’t really manage to takeĀ a look) were so worth it! Sigh.

I missed out quite a bit as I reached there a little late. But still, my total damages ended up at around $300. So here’s my loot:

  • 3 belts (2 CK & 1 Armani Exchange Kids)
  • 1 jacket (Armani Exchange), 1 shorts (Marc by Marc Jacobs), 1 top (Armani Exchange)
  • 1 sling bag (CK)


Honestly, what’s with all these branded stuffs? I have no idea but I’ll still be going down tomorrow because it’s SO FUN! Shopping is fun! *LOL*

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