9.11am – This is one of the reasons why I’m beginning to detest my work place. Forced & fake celebration.

11.24am – The mood is still as bad. Maybe, I should really start looking elsewhere, even though my plans for the second baby might still be on the way.

1.49pm – Half the day’s gone. Thank goodness. The time is difficult to pass… very…

2.31pm – WOOHOO! I have successfully imported all my blogs over here! This is SOOOOO COOOOL! But wait a minute. It’s still in a mess. I’m going to sort that out but I guess it really will take a loooooooong while. Well, that keeps me quite occupied then.

4.12pm – Despite the celebration for one colleague’s farewell, the mood is still equally down. Not all food makes me happy…


4.47pm – Lil’ hub’s still not back to Singapore. I think it would be better if he would just tell me that it’s going to be a whole day event instead of half the day, and I won’t be “waiting” so much for his reply. And still dare to tell me that we’ll be heading back to Punggol tonight. Don’t even know what time he’s going to be back… Sigh. My mood is really bad, and this just makes it a lot, a lot, a lot more worse. Thankfully it’s already Friday.

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