Is this a good day to start the dieting and exercising plan? I’m not too sure but I’m definitely more determine to try once again after my 25″ Levi’s denim skirt could not be EVEN pulled up through my big fat hip just a while ago. SIGH. Not to mention my chunks of other nice dresses that’s chucked at a corner in my wardrobe. I can only say, it’s better than 6 months back but seems like there’s still a long way to go…

Well, my previous one month plan disappeared into thin air but now I’m going to try again. After all, failure is just part and parcel of life! So, I’m just going to put this post as a STICKY. And note down the kind of food that I’m eating and the exercises that I did, and also the clothes that I wear (my mum’s been complaining that I kept wearing the same few clothes only). Too bad that my knee’s been giving me some extremely big problem which made jogging totally impossible. Anyway, GANBATTE! Here I go… AGAIN, my 1 month plan! *Never say die…*

Updated: (31 October 2013) Let’s start everything on a new month! And that’s tomorrow!! :p

Updated: (5 November 2013) FAILED! *LOL*

01.11.13 Breakfast – Milo + 6pcs Biscuits  NIL wear-log-20131101
Lunch – Bah Chor Mee + 4 Zhui Kueh
Dinner – 1 Fried Chicken Breast
Snacks – Milk
Water – 8 cups

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