8.19am – Ah! I didn’t know that the lil’ hub won’t be sending me to work! Die… I’m not even dressed yet!

8.48am – Saw the passenger alighting from a cab. Looked at the watch… Should I or should I not? Hmm… Hmm… Let’s see if I’m fated. If the cab comes before I reached the junction, I’ll take. ^^

8.52am – I’m glad I took the cab…

9.48am – Finished my breakfast and calculated my total damages for the past few weeks of uncontrolled shopping. Die… Almost $3,000! O.O”’ How did it end up there? With Christmas coming, I wonder how am I going to top up that amount back into my bank… *facepalm* Who ask you to shop so much…

10.44am – I really wonder what’s the point of setting the goals when it’s being set by the TOP and not by own self. Hmm…

11.30am – The office seems a little quiet today. The admin’s on compassionate leave and the other two are nowhere to be seen. Typing’s proved rather difficult for me today too, since my nail on my tiny finger (left hand) cracked. It’s now then I realized that it’s so important to me for pressing the few buttons such as Ctrl & Shift. Ouch, still hurts when I uses it.

5.10pm – Urgh! Tried to figure out on how to fix the vertical thumbnails for the whole day and still couldn’t fix it! So annoyed with myself!

5.16pm – That’s it for today. I give up. I’m going to try another method to stop myself from wasting more time.

11.52pm – WOOHOO! I solved it! I solved it!! Let’s call for a celebration by taking MC tomorrow! *LOL* Bon nuit, minnasan!

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