6.52am – It’s no joke. I’m taking MC today to see my poor knees that’s giving me problems since the age of 10. But recently, it seems to have deterioated to an extent that I find it worrying. Or should I say, I didn’t really care nor know much when I was younger. As you get older, your worries start to increase and it definitely isn’t assuring to know that the “jelly” between the joints can wear out totally.

Well, it’s been getting a little¬†painful of late. “Cracking” everytime (that’s the keyword)¬†I squat down, sending the “pain” signal to my brain that can cause me to cry out “OUCH” naturally. And at times, even walking is a little painful… It feels sore this time round and I wonder what’s wrong…

I probably should have been resting more like previously but situations doesn’t allow such things to happen anymore. Little milkie is learning how to walk and most of the time, she wants me to walk with her, and therefore the increase in standing, walking and squatting. Alas… so young and I’m already having such issues. Definitely ain’t good to realise that I bought the wrong glucosamine (with pain killing effect). Sigh…

So far so good, life’s still not too bad. I just hope it isn’t too late to salvage my knees.

10.18am – *LOL* Seems like I worried for nothing! I’m perfectly fine! Other than the lack of sleep that’s giving me headaches on and off. The doctor had confirmed that my knees are still running fine but will probably need some form of exercise, such as brisk walking, swimming or cycling to strengthen the muscles. Gee… that’s another big headache but I’ll try though, really, because the pain… is still quite pain…

11.45am – What’s with the giraffe question?? URGH! Open EYES, open EYES!!! How can you open the door without opening the EYES?!!! -.-”’

2.44pm – He spun the wheel, and the needle didn’t manage to cross to the other side. But the next moment, it went and pointed at $80. O.O”’ WTH. *facepalm*

3.06pm – It’s really nice to run errands on a day where you are supposed to be working. Even nicer if I can do that everyday. *LOL* Dream on, dude. *LOL* But it definitely is nice to cross some things off your list. Feels good. Library books returned & borrowed – checked.

4.34pm – Groceries done. Time to head down to IKEA!

5.23pm – It’s such fun and joy to see her growing up slowly each day. From just a 2.88kg baby, to one that’s so bubbly and talkative nowadays. So cute, so sweet, so naughty… *LOL* I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, little milkie! MUAK!

11.41pm – Lights out. Goodnight.

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