9.06am – I’m back in the *urgh* office. Mornin’…

9.13am – It’s a bad month. The month of October where nothing much was done. Everything seems to be hanging half way. November doesn’t seem like a good month to start anything major too. So that left with the month of December. So… let’s just leave November to more planning and preparations.

10.32am – Hungry… the breakfast is not filling enough. How? If I eat something now, I’ll be too full later on for lunch. Urgh.

11.37am – I’m writing the SMART goals but it seems more of DUMB goals to me. DUMB – Doubtful, Useless, Meaningless, Boring. What is the point of re-writing it when each and every task is already written and provided to me? Why am I still in this company? I kept asking myself. But would changing to other jobs make life better? 2 years had passed since I first came in. Can I survive for another 2 years? Or maybe I should decrease it to 1.5 years, and not be so responsible, and that would probably make me feel better… *LOL*

2.26pm – Still feeling… low…

2.57pm – Feeling unbalanced.

3.01pm – On a day such as that, it’s best to stop doing everything and just clear your mind and relax. The aura is bad. Time is crawling. I’m dreading the work that I do.

4.42pm – Just finished discussing the goals with my boss. Seriously, what’s the point? I don’t see much benefit other than it taking an hour plus off from my time today. I’m still as moody and I reckoned it must have been due to the unbalance of work & life. I’ll probably have to work harder on that to keep my spirit up!

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