Ramblings #0726

9.03am – Definitely feeling better today as opposed to yesterday! Maybe it’s for the fact that I’d had some good sleep and thus the happier mood. Today marks the last day of October and it’s the HALLOWEEN! Seems like there wasn’t really much fate for me to paint my nails to orange and black (pinky still injured). But it’s alright. Life’s still good!

Okay, am going to plan for the month of November. Let’s hope and pray that I get a little bit more organized than October. As I’d mentioned, it’s been quite bad this month. Again, life’s still good. *LOL*

1.04pm – Back from lunch. Had fish soup and a cup of green apple juice. Nice! Feels like Friday today. ^^

2.32pm – Sigh… sometimes really can’t trust my lil’ hub to do important things. He volunteered to go and buy movie tickets (yes, very nice of him to do that) but now he told me that he dragged here and there till left only the first few rows. Sigh… I guess it’s really just “it’s the thought that counts”… -.-”’

5.11pm – Got to go! GO! GO! GO! The lil’ hub wait for no one! *LOL*

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