Ramblings #0749

8.51am – I don’t look exactly that beautiful. Just a normal average petite looking girl but yet (weirdly) at times, I still get stares and whistles from guys, even till now. Euk. I hated that. What’s wrong with all these people? Isn’t there other better choice?? -.-”’ I’m so much better off if you leave […]

Ramblings #0747

1.03am – Great. The baby’s finally asleep. I wonder why does she likes to fight against her bio clock and keep herself awake? Hmm… 1.10am – Let’s start wrapping the presents! The mum’s starting to nag! And I know I need to pack my room a little too. It’s getting too crowded… actually… I just […]

Ramblings #0742

9.26am – I’m pretty sure I feel like quitting my job already, to reach the office only at this time when I’m supposed to start work officially at 8.30am. Ah… the idea of me shifting nearer to the VP’s office still affected me greatly but wait. I shall try and think it in a positive […]