Ramblings #0727

9.18am – IT’s FRIDAY AGAIN!! I’M SO HAPPY!!!

10.35am – Meeting, meeting, meeting. It’s the weekly meeting now and I’m stoning inside while my boss is talking to my team mate. Just had a chat with another colleague of mine. I’m SO looking forward and NOT looking forward to moving to the new office building. There’s going to be a partition between the admin and I. And I’m going to share the “space” with another colleague, an Indian guy instead. No, I don’t have anything against them but… it just feels a bit more weird… Sigh… anyway, life still goes on…

1.29pm – Back from lunch and… yes, I’m back from lunch. That’s about it.

3.05pm – The lil’ hub just called and so I chatted a little with him. It’s always nice to know that he called, other than the times where he gave me nonsenses through that. The rain is pouring now. Let’s hope the rain stops later when it’s time to go back home. I wanted to walk home, hope it won’t spoil my plan.

5.20pm – *Phew* Finally finished the report. Luckily completed it before I’m off work. But… it still seems to be drizzling… Hmm… Let’s call my mum to see if I need to pack some food back. Hmm… I wonder if they are home yet…

5.25pm – Okay. She got no appetite to eat which means I’m on my own… URGH. What a Friday… The lil’ hub’s meeting his boyfriend for dinner. The sister should be out. So that means really me alone for dinner. Never mind then, shall consider if I should cook instant noodle to eat with soup, or pack food back. Admin already left. Boss looks offline too. I think I should start packing too. *LOL*

5.32pm – OOOOH! NICE NICE! Change of plan! The lil’ hub’s coming to fetch me home! Goodie! So sweeeeeeeeeet of him! *LOL* ^^

6.48pm – It’s times such as this which I wished there wasn’t any phone calls at all. Even if there really is one, it shouldn’t be screams and cries, and what not. The next moment, your panicky mum started telling you off for not coming back home sooner, and that your kid fell down and is bleeding, without telling you the seriousness of the whole event.

I just gulpped down an extremely hard and crispy chicken breast, and am pretty sure that I’m going to have some indigestion tonight. And then I’m on my way back home now with the lil’ hub whom I had a very quick dinner with. Mum had called and told us that little milkie had fell down, and there’s a lot of blood. Great. Nice way to convey a message through the phone.

11.40pm – The lights’ out. Baby’s asleep. Lil’ hub’s out with his boyfriend. And now, it’s ME time. A quiet and peaceful ME time.

For the past few hours, it’s been “keeping a close lookout” for the baby, fearing that she might fall again. Apparently, little milkie fell down while trying to stand up with my mum just beside her. She didn’t manage to catch her, and then her mouth hit the floor, where her teeth (I presume) hit her lips and thus the cut and the blood.

The moment I heard my mum yelling at me on the phone, I knew she’s in panic mode (though she did deny after that). She’s always the extremely over protective kind. What’s more, now, this is her grandchild and not her own child, all the more she’s stress about it. And that’s one of the reasons why I stand by the point of sending little milkie to a childcare centre when she turns 2. She needs to learn to be independent. The other needs to relax a little and learn to let go. Yes, she’s just 2 and is a little young, but it’s good in a way, to start young.


Anyway, thankfully, the fall wasn’t that serious, and is only causing the upper lips to be puffed up as if she’s pouting due to the cut. Well, all kids fall down when learning to walk, isn’t it? No matter how careful one is, it still happens. You can’t possibly be there 24/7 and watching every second closely.

Life’s really so different with a kid. You need to consider so much more before you make any decision. Mum said that if only she had asked me to pack for her, then I wouldn’t have my dinner outside and be back home early. If the lil’ hub hadn’t come and fetched me, I would have gone home earlier too.

Sometimes, some things are just destined to happen. And there’s no way you can avoid it. Maybe minimize, but never avoided.

Today is the 1st of November. Little milkie is coming to 16 months old. And just now before she slept, she made an almost complete¬†full sentence. I’m surprise. Not just that, almost every other day, she’ll surprise me with the things she learned. Saying “Excuse me” when someone is blocking her way. Mimicking and remembering all the moves for the songs that I sang to her. Repeating the 4D numbers from the radio. And lots, and lots more. It’s great. Life’s great. Never better. I love my life. I really do.

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