Ramblings #0728

12.49am – Time to head on to bed and wake up fresh tomorrow!! Goodnight!

1.04am – Shan’t say things too early in future. Just moments after I switched off the lights and lied beside little milkie, she woke up crying loudly. I presume most likely is because she rubbed on her still swollen lips. Poor baby… aww…

2.59am – What was the lil’ hub talking just now on the phone? Little milkie is only going to sleep now. I’m on the phone with the lil’ hub since half an hour ago but it seems like I’m between the border of sleep and awake throughout, so… hmm… I wonder if I missed out anything. Nonetheless, I guess the gist of it all was the fact that his boyfriend is all talk but no action. Well, shall see how things goes. I only know I desperately needed sleep very badly now.

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