Of late, it had been especially interesting to see the actions and behaviours of my baby. Nothing was taught and yet she picked it up on her own such as, saying “Excuse me” when you blocked her path, wiping the floor when you gave her a handkerchief or tissue, keeping her toys once she wants to stop playing with them.

It’s good. All these are good habits, but that’s provided if the parents are there to set a good example. To be exact, it’s not just the parents, it’s more of all the caregivers or people who the baby sees often.

Babies are like sponges, they follow what they saw and learned it without you realizing it. Out of nowhere on one fine day, my baby started digging her nose. Why? Apparently she saw her grandmother doing that. It’s funny, of course, at the first sight of it. But it takes a while to get her to “quit” that deliberate habit, which might in turn, really becomes her habit.

I’ve also seen and heard from friends telling me that friends of their children spoke vulgarities at a very young age because their parents does that. They won’t really understand what it meant. But probably will just take it as something to be said if you are unhappy.

Really, it’s a very simple theory. If you expect your children not to do something, you have to stop doing it first, otherwise, the children will start to question the reason. If you want them to respect you, be the good example for them to follow.

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