Ramblings #0730

2.46am – It’s a torture when you are unable to sleep at this hour. I’m pretty sure I’ll be a panda tomorrow…

8.19am – The lil’ hub’s still asleep. Hmm… guess I’ll just go to work on my own.

8.38am – Called back home as I’ve got a missed call from them, and little milkie is crying loudly in the background. She couldn’t find her mummy. Awww… I wished I don’t have to work too but… not now… Wait till the lil’ hub stabilized. So meanwhile, I really need to GANBATTE and do my exit plan!

10.00am – That’s it! I need to start work. Too addicted to the drama!!!

10.21am – Stomachache today. 2nd time that I ran to the toilet. Hmm… the admin’s going back home for lunch and the other colleague never come too. Should I go run some errands? *Ponder*

2.34pm – Episode 6! 2 more to go! *LOL* Damn it. I’m so hooked! The Heirs!! Lee Min Ho!!!

2.53pm – AH!!! Can’t load!! *CRY*

2.59pm – Aww… real life is sooooooo different from dramas ne… *starring at the xxxxxxxx work*

4.58pm – WOW. Didn’t realize that the time passes so fast when you are focusing on reading the episodes. *LOL* Gee.. how nice it is to be 18. What was I doing at 18? Hmm… Well, no prince charming but it’s quite sweet though. And maybe, one of the sweetest thing someone has ever told me – “You’re cute. I like you. Be mine?” Short & sweet, just what I like. It’s a bright and sunny morning that day. And that 5 sweet years begun and ended in bitterness when the guy strayed. *LOL* I guess that’s REAL life which you don’t get to see in fairy tales nor the heart wrenching dramas that always ended with “Happily ever after”.

5.22pm – It’s pouring heavily outside but NO FEAR! I’ve got my cute lil’ hub!!

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