Ramblings #0731

7.28am – It’s a black & red day.

8.35am – “MUMMY!!” Oh no, she’s awake.

8.44am – A little disappointing to see so little people wearing black today. Sigh. It’s either most of them don’t care, or too afraid to show it out. BUT… if you don’t dare to show your displease, then STOP COMPLAINING!

11.11am – What are you doing on the other side of the Earth? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Looking at the same sky? Humming the same song? *Hugs*


2.06pm – Just finished taking the photo for RC13 (Recreation Club). I’m officially off the committee! But to be honest, I am, a little tempted to join as VP for next year… ^^

2.34pm – Time to dream… when you don’t have the mood to work…

4.37pm – Yes! The lil’ hub is coming to pick me up! Dread coming to work. Dread going home on my own by bus. *LOL*

5.17pm – There’s a thunderstorm coming… looks scary… better quickly pack up and go now.

7.08pm – So nice to see her enjoying her food. One moment eating her porridge, and the other pointing to the mash potatoes and soup. I would say, her speech really developed quite fast and thankfully her pronounciation is quite accurate (for her age) for most of the things. So cute.

9.20pm – I wonder why is little milkie so sticky recently. She’ll start crying and looking for mummy once I’m out of her sight. *facepalm*

11.47pm – Let’s all try and have an earlier night… Oyasumi…

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