9.08am – I’m pretty sure the lil’ hub is too eager to be the sole breadwinner and let me quit my job. Or should I say, let the company fire me. Sending me to work so late and picking me up so early. I just reached office… -.-”’

Been daydreaming for the past 2 days. Hopefully today will be a lot better.

9.35am – Okay! Shall not listen to all those sad sad sad songs today though it’s really very nice. So… it’s time for ADAM LAMBERT!

10.34am – OMG. Only half an hour passed after all those work?

10.47am – Ganbatte. Ganbatte. Ganbatte!!

1.51pm – Goodness… I’m fainting. So sleepy… Weird. I thought I slept relatively not too late yesterday? Hmm… Had a heavy lunch at Magic Wok just now. *Yawn* That’s probably the reason why… *feeling the blood rushing to the stomach*

3.28pm – Woo… When did it become almost half past 3pm already? Gee… what have I been doing for the past hour? Did I go into another dimension? O.O”’

5.30pm – Finally finished the audit checking. Now it’s time to pack up and go!!! Go! Go! Go! Go!

6.09pm – Yes! 30.12 minutes! I wonder what’s the estimated distance from my office to my parents’ house. Let me check… 2km! Hmm… not too bad for a start. Maybe I’ll try walking after dinner in future.

6.13pm – Hmm… doubt the lil’ hub would be full after eating such dinner…


8.04pm – Time to go back to my own home! Must remember to stock take my ingredients. It’s baking time on Saturday! ^^

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