It’s lunch time! And my lunch kakis brought me to eat something that I’d been craving for a while. PRAWN NOODLE!

Honestly, I’m not really a fan of prawns. In fact, I’m somewhat a little allergic to it but for some reasons, I kind of like prawn kway teow, especially if the soup is really nice.

So here I am, in the Kovan hawker centre, with the market beside. If you are talking about ambience or cleanliness, *cough*, I think it’s best that you go somewhere else. *LOL* It’s neither clean nor nice, and you can actually smell the smelly market smell (of blood or whatever) if you sit near the stall, which is located at the last row of stalls.

Anyway, talk about the noodle. The soup’s not too bad, though I wouldn’t say it’s the best. But for a price of $3.50, I think it’s still alright. There’s a short queue though but thankfully the uncle isn’t those snail-like kind where he takes his own sweet time. You can choose to put chilli powder in it too.

Quite alright, can try if you want.


Updated (11 November 2014):

12.24pm – Not sure if it’s the standard that had dropped, or that my standard has increased, or simply that I don’t have that good a mood. Today’s prawn noodle ain’t as nice as I remembered, and my colleague complained about it too. The soup is a little bland. My colleague had to pour a bit of light soya sauce in it (and still complained after that).

The short queue is there though, and the price is still the same but it’s just the taste. Let’s hope it gets better if I do ever go back next time.

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