Ramblings #0733

6.14am – The stomach ached and I turned around, searching for the restroom in the big shopping centre. I quickened my pace when I saw the signboard. But just before I turned, there’s this little boy sitting on the couch, alone, starring at me. I smiled at him but continued my journey. And then, that’s where I heard a little voice calling, “Mummy… Mummy… Mummy…”. I turned around and looked at the boy, it wasn’t him. But who was that? I pondered and pondered, and suddenly I remembered! It’s little milkie!!

Indeed. I woke up and saw her trying to sit up, eyes wide open, crying for me… OMG. What time is it now?

8.44am – I’m early. Definitely. Compared to the past days but at the same time… I’m FREAKING SLEEPY. *Yawn*

10.02am – It’s really fun to have a group of friends who can talk cock and sing song with you. I’m lucky to still have this group – my JC friends, who are (mostly) still there after getting married and having kids, and what not. Though most of the time, it’s only through whatsapp, I guess it’s more than enough.

11.40pm – And another one bites the dust… I have a feeling I’m going to be so depressed next year…

12.45pm – Really? A senior PA can earn up to $8,000 monthly?!! Why the hell did I study so hard for something which I totally don’t like last time?!!!! Sigh… indeed, it is depressing to learn and confirm such news… And if you think about it, it isn’t really that difficult to realize that it’s the government had succeeded in brain-washing the minds of people (such as my mum), to let them believe that certain professions will let you earn big bucks. Yes, it might be true to some extent, but a lot in many other ways. Again… sigh…

1.53pm – WOOHOO! Another episode down. Can’t wait for tonight’s review for episode 10! Okay, lunch’s over!

3.00pm – Oops! I did it again. Had tried to stop but somehow the more I read the comments, the more I’m annoyed at the terms he used. “Sourgrapes”, that’s a little too harsh to you when you don’t know about the person who wrote all those things. For all you know, he could be as wealthy as those people that he mentioned. It’s an era of “Spiritual Enlightenment”. Let the people speak… and you yourself judge and decide.

6.09pm – Let’s do some final testing and go.

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