Ramblings #0734

2.28am – The sudden wails of the baby broke the silence, followed by a series of orders from the lil’ hub to get her to keep quiet. Goodness. She woke up again for some unknown reason and wanted her granny. Goodness. What are all those scoldings from the lil’ hub for? To make things worse than it already is? *facepalm* Frantically calmed her down and carried her to her granny. Luckily they are still awake.

3.36am – I’m still awake. Urgh. I hate this. The baby’s still awake with the granny and I’m awake too, trying HARD to sleep…

4.06am – Okay. Baby’s back. Sleeping… *Peace at last*

4.19am – WTH. Crying for granny again. *facepalm*

4.21am – Saaaaaaaaaaavvvvveee meeeeeeee… *the voice drowned in the head*

8.22am – Great. I just woke up, Still feeling extremely tired. Would have taken an MC or leave if not for the awards or that I’m taking quite a number of leave next week. How am I to survive for the rest of today?

10.49am – Goggy. Goggy. Goggy. Goggy.

3.58pm – Yes! I got one more thumbdrive! Though a not so pretty one. It’s an appreciation gift for being the RC member for 2013. ^^

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