9.02am – How depressing it is, to know that you actually earned less than your lil’ hub annually and that he’s the one quitting his job to chase after something that he had always wanted to try, while you are still facing something which you, not only dislike, but detest every single moment, just so he can continue what he’s doing. I’m not unhappy with him for doing that. I supported him and if given another chance, I’ll still do the same thing. I’m just wondering, when will it be my turn? And I’m not unhappy with him for earning more than me. In fact, the more the merrier I’ll be. *LOL*

I’m just (suddenly, extremely) saddened by the fact that I took up a course (Computer Engineering) which I hated so much, and chose it due to all the so-called “facts” that our government presented last time. Not wrong but it isn’t the whole truth. Now, I do know, of course, that they were simply “brain-washing” us, and we were merely, just pawns, for their high level game.

10.04am – You see, at times, no matter how good you are with that person, they simply just pushes the work to you (even though they are expertise in that area, and could solve it faster than you) just so it makes their life easier. All they need to do after that is just “xxx will be doing it”. Life. How pathetic can it goes?

10.39am – Really. If you need someone’s help to do your work, PLEASE inform them beforehand and guide them on what needs to be done with clear instructions. NEVER assume that the person can do it JUST because you thought it’s easier and she’s SMART, and expect them to do everything with just a few lines. *facepalm* When the mood is already not so good, this just simply makes it worse, regardless whether that is a friend or a foe. Breathe.

10.50am – THIS is driving me insane!!!!

10.52am – These are the times where I wondered how and when I can REALLY leave here…

1.10pm – Sometimes, it really is a taboo to mention a thing. I was still telling my admin that I shan’t go to the shoe fixer at NEX as the pair of shoes where I repaired it there, the soles seem to be coming off soon. On the other hand, another pair of shoes which I repaired it at AMK Hub seems to be still working fine when I repaired it earlier. But just now, I walked on the carpet and wondered what’s that something that’s pulling me back… nails… sigh…


1.43pm – FINALLY finished doing the report. Seriously, if my colleague really did all that extra work using half of his day, I really will re-visit the report to make sure his amount of work is cut by half.

2.07pm – After clearing the emails and what not, I really have an urge to leave this place asap. There’s nothing much to make me stay, other than the monthly salary that’s keeping my life quite comfortable. I’m covering up people’s shit, and nobody appreciates what I’m doing. The morale is low and there’s no motivation at all. Slowly, one by one, the good ones left. Leaving only the retards and unacceptable behind. It’s not something which I like to do, not even close. Even with no direction, the list of things to do just kept on increasing because there are always idiots (some) around asking you to help this and that, do this and that, when it’s not really in your JD. And no matter how much you push, it just kept on coming… the “taichi” in the office. Day by day, I wasted my time sitting in front of the computer. I’m already 33, how long more do I have. Maybe, enough, is really enough…


2.36pm – A happier thought – little milkie is 16 months old today! Someone whom I look forward to seeing everyday after one whole day of xxx work. And one who also makes me want to just come to work to catch some air at times. Speech developing relatively quite fast. Vocabulary slowly increasing. Able to understand simple questions and engage in extremely simple conversations. Once in a while can speak an almost full sentence. Learning how to walk with some aid. Should be able to walk on her own in another month’s time (or so). Bad temper, confirm, like her dad. Impatient, like her dad too. Sooooooo adorable. Sticky little fellow, always calling and wanting mummy. But better be sticky than not at all. Gives you the biggest smile in the world the moment she woke up (that’s really one of the sweetest thing one can get early in the morning). Loves to eat, any kind of food. Likes to play (who doesn’t). And… I so want to cuddle her now… *stares at the pillow that I’m hugging now*

Guess I should stop whining and start doing something useful. But when the mood is not there at all, how?

2.54pm – Am really a little unbalanced today. Sigh. The lil’ hub’s going across the causeway on Tuesday and Thursday again. I really don’t like that idea, especially when he’s coming back so late. What should I do now? Sometimes I really missed those times where I would plan and take MC together with the lil’ hub, and then we spent the day rotting at home or out to watch movies. But… seems like those are the days that are gone now…

3.29pm – Even if I feel like changing job but what can I do? After 9 years of working in the IT industry, there’s nothing else which I can do…

3.35pm – Let’s take a walk.

3.47pm – Moody day. Moody weather.


3.59pm – Just called mum and she said little milkie never perspire for the whole day. It’s no good. Did she catch a cold yesterday? Or any virus from the party? Or was it the biscuit that she’d been eating? Lack of water? Urgh! I hate Monday. And now I really wished I’m back home.

4.34pm – One fine day. You will just stop whining and start doing, because you are simply so sick of everything around you.

5.01pm – Mum called again. She don’t know how to operate the thermometer but seem like little milkie is really having fever. Urgh.

5.22pm – Was reading an article posted by a friend in FB, about some ancient signs being lost and found. And I jokingly mentioned that it could be because the ancients deliberately lost it. As a parent, what do you do if you found something scary and don’t want your descendants to know? You deliberately hide it, in the hope that it will never be found… O.O

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