Ramblings #0737

8.52am – What’s the thing you dreaded most when you come to work? Colleagues asking you about work even before you reach your desk OR you just reach your desk shortly. Sick. Apparently a day’s rest isn’t good enough. I need to work even harder to get out of the devil’s clutches!

10.25am – Press on! Finish this and shut the mouth of others!

2.16pm – …and the moodiness continues…

3.28pm – …and the moodiness continues…

4.11pm – …and I’m so sleepy…

5.27pm – 3 more minutes… Seriously, do I need to count until such extend? When the boss ain’t around, nor your team mates? One left already, and the other on leave. Sigh… Let’s pack up. There’s going to be another downpour. Wouldn’t want to get stuck in the rain.


10.05pm – After a not so good day, what’s the next best thing to do? Doing something you love best! Arts & crafts! Presenting… my Christmas tree 2013! A one metre tall paper tree, with “stick-on” ornaments (using velcro) for the baby! It’s not complete yet as I’ve only that much time to juggle between the crafts and the baby. I’m already thankful enough that my mum is helping me to handle her most of the time tonight so that I can do up this tree of mine.

Nice? Fun and educational (in a way).

*Chanting: let’s use up my water… it’s getting a little too much…*

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