After driving around for the past 20 minutes in search of a nice and not so crowded eating place, and also to satisfy my colleague’s cravings for having bah kut teh, the two of us arrived at this hawker (more of market), located at Blk 341 #01-04 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1.

It’s easily located as there’s a bus stop right in front of it (near the main road of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1). But if you were to drive, you’ll need to park somewhere further.

Anyway, there wasn’t much crowd today (luckily). Heard from my colleague that there usually is a long queue during dinner hours. We ordered a pig’s trotter, a bowl of bah kut teh, a plate braised vegetables and fried youtiao.


Well, the pig’s trotter wasn’t too bad, especially when the meat was quite lean. In fact, the pork for the bah kut teh was quite lean too. BUT it’s a little too salty especially towards the end when you are finishing the soup in the bowl. The vegetables wasn’t all that fantastic either. As for the price, the total was about $15.

It probably will still be on my list of “to-go-back-and-eat” if not for the comments that the seller said to my colleague when she asked for a top-up of soup for the SECOND time – “This is the last time that you can top up as you only ordered 1 bowl.” Hmm… did I hear it right? This is definitely the first time that I heard that the soup cannot be topped up more than a fixed amount of times!

Honestly, the stall holder is not in the wrong but really, how much can one person drink? And do you not care about the fact that this customer won’t be coming back because of what you said? Or is it that you are simply too arrogant to please one customer because you’ve got more than enough?

Sigh… so, conclusion… OUT!!

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