Ramblings #0739

Once again, I re-read on the news about 80 North Koreans being executed for watching South Korean videos and dramas, but this time round, in details. I would be, certainly, one of them to be executed, especially now that I’m chasing after this Korean drama, “The Heirs”, starring Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye (OMG!! I can’t describe how cute he is or how nice [though a little typical] the whole drama is!!). Damn. I’ll be executed, not. Thankfully, I’m living in this relatively peaceful and not too bad country. Though there’s other issues such as overpopulation, “unreliable” transportation etc., it still is (to me) one of the safer country to stay in, thus far, where one doesn’t need to live much in fear of getting killed, raped or robbed the very next day or moment. At least, till now, it isn’t as bad as some other countries, YET.

Indeed, it really is very sad to know that people are being killed for such trivial matters. What is the ruler trying to show? That he has the power and nobody can defy him? But I would more of wonder, what kind of childhood did he grow up in? Did he ever try to watch those videos too? I’m not one who has interest in the politics nor world news (other than natural events). I have no idea what kind of parents he had other than the fact that this country is still quite closed up. But I seriously do hope that one fine day, either he changed for the better or that his descendants will have a different way of thinking (for the better too, of course).

For now, it’s Friday, so let’s continue it with a happier thought… I’m on half day leave today!! WOOHOO!! *LOL*

10.55am – Just finished reading the bazi of two colleagues. Gee… sometimes I feel I should really change job. *LOL* Anyway, it’s nice to kill the time in such manners as I don’t have the mood to work with a blocked nose and slight sore throat. And then knowing that there’s so many water elements in this office. Hmm… I wondered why… Are water attracted to fire? Well, it’s either that it’s really a coincident, or that water is indeed attracted to fire unknowingly. We’ll see! ^^

12.21pm – 20 minutes of calling for a cab and yet there’s none! WTH… And the cab drivers are still complaining that there’s no customers. I seriously wonder what’s wrong!

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