Thoughts – Breathless Day

Really, never ever test my patience.

It had been a long and extremely tiring day. I guess it’s probably the last time in the near future where I’ll consider (1) a BBQ and (2) a chalet with so many people staying overnight.

Let’s start from the beginning.

I woke up feeling very goggy still after the flu n cough medication last night. Nonetheless, I couldn’t afford to sleep too late and thus I woke up the moment she, yes, little milkie, woke up. Fine. But my running nose simply continues despite my pleas for it to stop. It’s still fine. Then, I started packing and what not, and went for my last minute shopping to come up and realize that (1) my dad apparently still intended to cook lunch when it’s already 1.30pm (check in at 3pm) and (2) none of them bathed yet and (3) they haven’t even packed yet!!!

It definitely didn’t start on the right note. But once again, fine. In the end, I took my cousin’s car with little milkie and we went ahead to check in first.

It was great, at least for the first hour. But the next, I started to get a little tired and hungry. But my mum hasn’t reach yet. Which basically means I’m the only one carrying or walking her around. Fine. Fine. Fine.

Finally they came and I manage to catch some breath. But it wasn’t for long when suddenly everything seems to get crashed and happened one after another or even overlapping. So here goes…

I went down to get some food for my mum. Before I hit the BBQ pit, my colleague came. Brought her up (level 3) to the room for a while and on the way, the lil’ hub called and asked for directions n room number. Colleague stayed in the room for a short while and I brought her down to pit. Remembered about the food and grabbed some. Reached upstairs n the lil’ hub called, angry because I never text him the room number. Went to greet him with a smiley face (though I’m already breathless especially with that mask so that I don’t spread the virus to others). Brought him upstairs and down again to the pit, with little milkie and girlfriend’s daughter. Little milkie saw me carrying and demanded me to carry her instead. Luckily colleague helped me entertained the other baby. Let the lil’ hub eat first because I thought he had a longer day. Brought little milkie up for dinner but the porridge turns out a little way too dry. (Somehow the grandpa just don’t get it). Finally grandma came up n I had my dinner. Heard no one helping sis to BBQ and so I went down after that. Took over the BBQ-ing for a while and headed up. Walked around with little milkie where possible if she don’t insist on wanting her granny. And that last till 20 minutes ago before I chased everyone to sleep with little milkie crying and refusing to sleep.

I’m tired. And hungry now. I don’t care who or what. I only know I need to get my baby to sleep so that I can sleep, and my mum can sleep too.

Really, again, little milkie, don’t test my patience. There’s a limit to it. Some day, if this continues, I might just flare up at you.

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