Ramblings #0741

9.18am – Back.

10.13am – The day gets worse, especially after you knew that your new seat had been swapped with your admin. Basically it means you are one step closer to the VP. Not to that position, it’s just the seat. Great, isn’t it great. Life simply gets more and more interesting. Another reason for my to reduce the number of days to leave this sucky place.

10.46am – If you are not with me, you are against me. The mind is in a state of refusing to digest any opposite replies. I better not talk too much today, or for the next few days. Am foreseeing some need of privacy and reduction of stupidity from people.

11.24am – That’s it. The mind is set. I’m going for a short vacation/break with little milkie and the lil’ hub, without the oldies, regardless of whether they are agreeable or not. I’ve had enough of this sh*t.

2.11pm – 3 more hours to go. Endure.

3.57pm – Yes, come and make my day even better… I’ve already lost all appetite to eat.

4.22pm – It’s really nice to hear her little voice. So sweet, especially when she’s calling me. I can almost have a complete conversation with her already. Little milkie, the only source of my existence.

5.19pm – I’m an alien today. I’ve got stares and looks from 80% of the people that I walked passed. Why so? Because I wore a mask to work to prevent the virus from spreading. Thank you so much for your kindness. I probably should just take off the mask and sneeze right into your face. ^^

9.22pm – Great. It’s ALL my fault! I’m to blame for anything and everything! Little milkie had just been fed with the wrong dosage and it’s MY fault (when I wrote the amount clearly on the post-it note but had no idea what it had been swapped with another medicine). Little milkie had been fed with the previous prescriptions from another doctor and it’s also MY fault (when I thought mum already knew because she took that medication for DAYS). WHAT THE HELL! And she’s already been fed, what’s the point of still blaming?!!! And if you are really THAT concern, you SHOULD have gone to the doctor with us that day instead of joining the stupid team (which I’m quite against), and doing cold calling, and not EVEN called to ask how your baby is!!! Is that just how you show your concern and responsibility, and said things such that as if I don’t care. I’d already taken note but what else you want me to do? Dig those medicine out from little milkie??????

Bloody hell. You guys never ever care about how I feel. All the while, you all simply refuse to take responsibility. Anything goes wrong, it’s always, and definitely my fault.

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