Ramblings #0742

9.26am – I’m pretty sure I feel like quitting my job already, to reach the office only at this time when I’m supposed to start work officially at 8.30am. Ah… the idea of me shifting nearer to the VP’s office still affected me greatly but wait. I shall try and think it in a positive way. It’s not really that bad… let’s just say, I would have the whole cubicle to MYSELF, and that since the partition is high, I won’t get to see her face anyway, right? I just need to get the angle right, very right, so that my fengshui won’t be affected.

It’s Wednesday. Mood’s a tad better and am trying not to think negatively and look on the BRIGHTER SIDE of life (if any) but the lil’ hub’s down with slight fever. Poor fellow, still need to attend courses. Sigh… and the number of white hairs on his head have definitely increased from the last I observed that closely. What happened…? Is he really that stressful? Hmm… maybe he is…

Okay, let’s keep calm and breathe, and try and recover from all “illnesses”. Hope today will be a better day. Good morning! *trying to keep the spirit up!*

4.13pm – Felt a little more peaceful? No?

9.24pm – Really makes me wonder if I’m talking to a 16 month old…

Me: Nong (that’s what I called her), let’s go into the living room. *Trying to pull her away as she stood outside the toilet, watching her grandma washing the clothes*
LM: Don’t want. *Shook my hands off*
Me: Nong, come, let’s go in. It’s very hot here. (Repeated for another 2 times)
LM: Mummy go in. *Looks at me, points to the living room & waves to me* Bye bye! *Tucks her hands behind her back.*

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