Ramblings #0743

9.32am – There are ups, and there are downs. But when the downs get a little too much, that’s when you need to raise the red flag and get help. It’s another down day, drowning myself in unknown spaces. Am running on empty fuel. Am drained of energy. Am a zombie today.

I reached out my hand this morning but yet I’m still not sure if that hand will be out there, waiting.

The thoughts are scattered. I’m unable to gather them, try as I might. Definitely doesn’t help with the work coming in, mum nagging, baby coughing, lil’ hub missing, everyone talking. I can’t find peace. I can’t find a balance. I’m tired.

10.39am – Why can’t people be just a little bit more sensitive to their surroundings?? *Irritated at the sound of running tap when no one is around*

1.51pm – I need to make my stand. No, means no. Shoot me if you want. It’s not under my scope to create, unless there’s valid reason. Ah… when can I leave this place?

3.10pm – The mum called again, saying that little milkie is a little feverish. Damn. Why does the doctor have to go on holiday during this period? Sigh… and I’m at a state where I can’t help myself much either. Consulting the opinions of others simply makes the matter worse. No antibiotics unless I seek another reliable opinion.

4.11pm – I’ve been looking at the photos of those people who underwent plastic surgery in Korea. WOW. I’m not interested, just very amazed what technology can do, and how skillful their doctors are, compared to some of the friends that I’d seen and done locally. It’s REALLY amazing. Good job doctors!

4.43pm – Nursery rhymes… really makes me wonder what are we teaching the kids…

“Row Your Boat” – life is only a dream, so live slowly and enjoy it!
“Three Blind Mice” – take revenge on those who bullied you
“Jack & Jill” – a simple task can still cause your downfall
“Humpty Dumpty” – once broken, it can never be repaired

Hmm… I bet there’s many more…

5.34pm – Let’s go home… *Slap the lappie shut!*

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