Ramblings #0744

4.04am – Am I seeing wrongly? How can this “heat” be only 36.7°C? Let’s measure a while later again. I can’t see in the dark.

4.06am – WHAT!! 38.7°C!! O.O!

8.32am – Darn. I’ve got a meeting this morning.

9.10am – Finally reached. Luckily not too late for a 9am meeting but I’m fainting…

9.35am – 5552. Shall go and buy 4D later. If I strike 4D, then I probably won’t mind sitting in that ****** seat.

10.04am – Speaking up in a meeting room confidently is definitely not an easy job for some. It wasn’t that easy for me initially either. I was trained in one of my jobs previously and I’m thankful for that. It’s darn useful. Well, let’s hope she’ll get better as time goes by.

11.27am – And I forgotten to bring my wallet… HEAVEN!!!! SAVE ME!!!!!

2.18pm – Doing design related work is definitely so much more fun and happier than looking at dull and boring stuffs.

4.05pm – Okay, I’m done with the artwork. After that will try to start doing on the website. Then I’m done! It’s not a lot but it’s quite an easy money, for my leisure time.

5.34pm – Let’s go home…

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