Food – Lexus Fast Food @ Far East Shopping Centre

Been on a hiatus for a tad too long on my reviews. Blame it on the mood swings that doesn’t seem to go away. So, let’s start picking myself up by having some nice food! And it definitely is a good decision to tag along with this colleague of mine, while she selects her future maid, for she always bring me to places which I seldom go.

So here goes, introducing Lexus Fast Food! *LOL* It’s a funny name, I thought, the moment I saw it. And am a little surprise that there’s actually around 4 people queuing to buy the food. It had nothing to do with the fast food that I knew like McDonald’s or KFC. It’s just a small little shop with 4-5 tables, and is a little choky everytime the uncle started to stir fry something. And other than fried rice, bee hoon etc. on their menu (pasted on the window), they have some vegetables rice kind of stall at a corner.

It’s just cheap and simple local food located in the expensive central area – level 5 of Far East Shopping Centre. Good choice if you are working around the area. $3.50 for a relative big plate of fried rice. No presentation or ambience, definitely. BUT again, it’s cheap, and it tasted not too bad. I ordered the salted fish fried rice and there sure are pieces of salted fish around (unlike some where you can hardly find it).


Oh yes, last but not least, the sambal chilli tasted quite alright too.  ^^

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