1.03am – Great. The baby’s finally asleep. I wonder why does she likes to fight against her bio clock and keep herself awake? Hmm…

1.10am – Let’s start wrapping the presents! The mum’s starting to nag! And I know I need to pack my room a little too. It’s getting too crowded… actually… I just need to move it back to my own home but… never mind…

2.00am – Now. Time to clear the ads.

2.31am – Really. It feels good to clear up some of the items in exchange for some sleep. Shall brush my teeth now.

3.07am – Candy CRUSHED! Oyasumi!

9.07am – It’s another day. It’s only Tuesday.

10.58am – Head in pain. Still nauseous. Cough seems to be have worsen. Training tomorrow. Sharing on Thursday. Friday team lunch. How do I get a rest? Why can’t all these activities be put into the same day?

2.14pm – Back from lunch and smelling like salted fish. Admin’s gone back to work from home. So I’m left alone. Should I start packing up my stuffs for the moving? Hmm… headache’s still there. Maybe I should…

4.03pm – Sneaked out for tea break again. But can’t do that for tomorrow. The boss’s back. Sigh…

4.41pm – I don’t understand. WHY are people all rushing to buy second hand furniture from an office? Especially a chair where so many people had sat on it before? Euk.

5.04pm – 3 times today!!! That someone left the tap running. Worse still, one was standing there but never turn off the tap assuming it would stop automatically. HELLO PEEPS!! Save the environment! Be just a little bit more attentive to your surroundings!

6.00pm – Changes done to the ad. Time to go home now.

8.36pm – … and the cute little girl requested to take a photo with the monkey after she saw a photo of the gor gor hugging her monkey… she’s happy… ^^


10.28pm – It really is weird at times. Especially after you read your “monthly forecast” and things to be a little true. The month of November. I’m not supposed to make any rash decision with regards to wealth. Indeed, this month, out of nowhere, my emotions became unstable and had to be on constant checks. And now that the month is ending soon, it seems a lot easier to control my thoughts and thinking (note, there’s always an overlapping of days from the following month’ forecast). Next month, it’s… ALL ABOUT NETWORKING! So, it’s time to PARTY! WOOHOO!!!

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