Ramblings #0749

8.51am – I don’t look exactly that beautiful. Just a normal average petite looking girl but yet (weirdly) at times, I still get stares and whistles from guys, even till now. Euk. I hated that. What’s wrong with all these people? Isn’t there other better choice?? -.-”’ I’m so much better off if you leave me alone.

9.05am – Am I considered early today? ^^ *happy mode*

10.12am – I need to force myself to crack my brain for that stupid error which I still can’t find since yesterday. Somewhere, the data had to be wrong. So let’s just let the rest do some hard work. Shall not think too much today. I’ve still got lots to discuss with the lil’ hub later on.

11.25am – What is WRONG with you people?!! It’s a very simple thing to do! What would you do if you see a tap running non-stop? TURN IT OFF! For goodness sake. I do understand if you had no idea that it’s running and you left the restroom BUT definitely not when I’m pretty sure you are still in the restroom and that the tap had been running for like half a minute without any sign that it’s stopping. *faintz*

12.18pm – Great. You are supposed to pick me up at 12.30pm for lunch and now then you tell me that you’ll be late. Fine. But the next thing you told me that you’d taken wanton mee. Bravo. I seriously wonder if you have any time management at all.

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